My Recommendations

Barbarian Enchantress
Crusader Enchantress
Demon Hunter Enchantress
or Templar
Monk Enchantress
Necromancer Templar
Witch Doctor Templar
Wizard Templar
* Basically, Don't use the Scoundrel unless you just want to do it for fun.

Gear Guide

  The Templar is your melee Follower.
Taking the role of a Paladin like character, he will be in the front of the fight.
Pairing him up with a ranged class may be a good idea to help keep your enemies at bay.
  Progression Farming
Head Leoric's Crown - Diamond Broken Crown -Gem to Farm
Hands Cain's Scrivener
Shoulders Spaulders of Zakara
Torso Tal Rasha's - Ruby Goldskin - Ruby
Legs Cain's Habit- Ruby
Feet Captain Crimson's Waders Sage's Passage
Wrists Nemesis Bracers
Waist Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle Sage's Ribbon
Amulet The Flavor of Time - Ruby
Ring #1 Unity - Ruby Avarice Band - Ruby
Ring #2 Ring of Royal Grandeur - Ruby
Weapon Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Ruby
Off-hand Freeze of Deflection - Ruby
Follower Item Enchanting Favor Relic of Akarat
Skill 1 Heal All
Because of Relic of Akarat
Skill 2 Loyalty
Skill 3 Onslaught
Skill 4 Guardian