My Recommendations

Barbarian Enchantress
Crusader Enchantress
Demon Hunter Enchantress
or Templar
Monk Enchantress
Necromancer Templar
Witch Doctor Templar
Wizard Templar
* Basically, Don't use the Scoundrel unless you just want to do it for fun.

Gear Guide

  The Scoundrel will be a ranged physical fighter.
Wielding a crossbow or bow, the Scoundrel will stay away from the
forefront of the fight and pick off enemies from a distance.
  Progression Farming
Head Blind Faith - Ruby Broken Crown -Gem to Farm
Hands Cain's Scrivener
Shoulders Spaulders of Zakara
Torso Tal Rasha's - Emerald Goldskin - Emerald
Legs Cain's Habit - Emerald
Feet Ice Climbers Sage's Passage
Wrists Nemesis Bracers
Waist Cord of the Sherma Sage's Ribbon
Amulet The Flavor of Time - Emerald
Ring #1 Unity - Emerald Avarice Band - Emerald
Ring #2 Oculus Ring - Emerald Ring of Royal Grandeur - Emerald
Weapon Cluckeye - Ruby
Follower Item Skeleton Key Ribald Etchings
Skill 1 Powered Shot All
Because of Ribald Etchings
Skill 2 Anatomy
Skill 3 Piercing Shot
Skill 4 Night's Veil