My Recommendations

Barbarian Enchantress
Crusader Enchantress
Demon Hunter Enchantress
or Templar
Monk Enchantress
Necromancer Templar
Witch Doctor Templar
Wizard Templar
* Basically, Don't use the Scoundrel unless you just want to do it for fun.

Gear Guide

  The Enchantress will be your magic Follower.
Able to cast skills from afar, she will pair nicely with a more melee
oriented character to blast away enemies from a distance.
  Progression Farming
Head Mempo of Twilight - Ruby Broken Crown -Gem to Farm
Hands Cain's Scrivener
Shoulders Spaulders of Zakara
Torso Tal Rasha's - Topaz Goldskin - Topaz
Legs Cain's Habit - Topaz
Feet Ice Climbers Sage's Passage
Wrists Nemesis Bracers
Waist The Witching Hour Sage's Ribbon
Amulet Flavor of Time - Topaz
Ring #1 Unity - Topaz Avarice Band - Topaz
Ring #2 Oculus Ring - Topaz Ring of Royal Grandeur - Topaz
Weapon Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Ruby
Follower Item Smoking Thurible Hand of the Prophet
Skill 1 Temporal Pulse All
Because of Hand of the Prophet
Skill 2 Prophetic Harmony
Skill 3 Powered Shield
Skill 4 Focused Mind