PJ’s Salsa


3       Qts. Tomatoes (Peeled and quartered) - 3 lbs. per Quart [Round up for waste]
2-3        Chopped Green Peppers 1 Green
1 Red
1 Yellow
5-10        Hot Peppers* Chopped W/Rubber Gloves
Leave veins in for more spice
For a more mild salsa remove veins
2        Chopped Onions 1 Red
1 Yellow
1 1/4       tsp. Salt  
1       tsp. Pepper  
2       Tbsp. Vinegar  
1-2       Clove Garlic  
* Note - Seeds do not affect the flavor or spice level of your salsa.


  1. Combine and bring to a boil.
  2. Simmer, stirring occasionally until thickened.
  3. (if you prefer a less chunky salsa, place portions in blender until desired thickness)
  4. Can or Freeze in desired containers

Pick peppers based on your desired heat.

My favorite combination so far has been:

Scoville scale

0 - 100No heat
Bell pepper
100 - 500Bird Cherry Pepper
Creole Cherry Pepper
Hungarian Cherry Pepper
500 - 2,500Banana Pepper (chile)
Poblano Pepper
Rocotillo Pepper
2,500 - 8,000When Mature And Red - Chile Colorado
California Red Chile
Anaheim Chile
Ancho Chile(Dried Version)
California Green Chile
Chile Verde
Dried Jalapeno Peppers
Fresno Pepper
Guajillo pepper
Jalapeño Pepper
Long Green Pepper
Mirasol Pepper
New Mexican varieties of Anaheim pepper
New Mexico
Paprika (Hungarian wax pepper)
Poblano Pepper (Fresh)
Rocotillo Chile
10,000 - 23,000Serrano Pepper
most Chipotle peppers
30,000 - 50,000Ají pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Cumari pepper (Capsicum Chinese)
some Chipotle peppers
Tabasco pepper
50,000 - 100,000Bird Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Chiltepin Pepper
Finger Chili
Ginnie Pepper
Malagueta Pepper
Pequin Pepper
Thai Pepper/Indian Pepper
100,000 - 350,000African Birdseye
Bird Pepper
Datil pepper
Guntur Chilli
Habanero Pepper (chili)
Jamaican Hot Pepper
Madame Jeanette
Pick Chi A
Scotch Bonnet Pepper
Thai Bird Chile
Thai Chile
Thai Jalapeno
350,000 - 580,000Red Savina Habanero
855,000 - 2,200,000Komodo Dragon Chili Pepper Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Naga Viper pepper
Infinity Chilli
Naga Morich
Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) | Naga Jolokia (a.k.a. Ghost pepper)
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper
Bedfordshire Super Naga
Spanish Naga Chili
Carolina Reaper