Grandma Hill's Potato Salad (recipe by Amy Hill)


N/A       N/A       Russet Potatoes 
N/A       N/A       Hard boiled eggs 
N/A       N/A       White Onion 
N/A       N/A       Kraft real mayo (regular) 
N/A       N/A       Salt 
N/A       N/A       Pepper 
N/A       N/A       Celery Seed 


  1. Depending on how much youíre making, the ratio is one potato to one egg; if the potato is very large then 2 eggs.
    All the amounts are depending on how much youíre making! Most of this is eyeballing, itís how she makes it that makes it so good!
  2. Boil the potatoes and eggs the night before; if youíd like you can also dice up the onion so itís quicker to put together.
    Boil potatoes with skins on and then peel.
    Cut potato into medium sized cubes; cut up eggs in to smaller pieces too.
    Add onion and eye ball for equal ratios.
    Next add the mayo!
    Use a rubber spatula to get the mayo out of the jar and into the bowl.
    Most times Iíll use the whole jar; if itís a batch that I make for the family itís more like 1 and a half.
  3. Hereís the kicker - you must mix the ingredients with YOUR HANDS!
    Donít use a spoon.
    Fold the mixture with your hands so that the potatoes donít become mushy.
    Put in that love!
    Next you add the salt, pepper, and celery SEED.
    Again itís all about taste and eye balling it.
    I usually sprinkle the salt and pepper, then mix it up with my hands, then add the celery seed and mix/add more until most of it is covered.
  4. Sorry the instructions are vague but this is how Grandma taught it to me! No measurements; just specific ingredients and the big part being to mix/fold with your hands and not a spoon.
  5. Have fun making it!