7-Layer Taco Dip


1       small bag Lettuce Shredded
2       Cups Cheddar Cheese  
1       small Onions  
*       Jalapenos Canned
1       large Tomato  
1       lb Hamburger  
16       oz Salsa  
16       oz Sour Cream  
8       oz Cream Cheese  
1       oz Taco Seasoning  
16       oz Refried Bean  
* You can use as many Jalapenos as you'd like


  1. Layer in a 16x9 casserole dish.
  2. Layer 1: Blend
    Taco Seasoning Mix
    Refried Beans
  3. Layer 2: Mix:
    sour cream
    cream cheese
  4. Layer 3: Top the layers with salsa.
  5. Layer 4: Add a layer of Hamburger.
  6. Layer 5: Place a layer of :
  7. Layer 6: Then a layer of Cheese.
  8. Layer 7: Finally, top the whole thing off with lettuce.

Serve with Chips or whatever you like to dip in your taco dip.

Makes a ton