[3.3 HC | Video Guide] Lightning Striker done properly | amazing clearspeed | tons of damage

--- Skill tree 93 - 93 Point Skill Tree ---

     G * Lightning Strike
     R + Elemental Damage With Attacks Support
     R + Multistrike Support
     R + Ancestral Call Support
     B + Increased Critical Strikes Support

     R * Ancestral Warchief
     B + Concentrated Effect Support
     B + Elemental Focus Support
     R + Elemental Damage With Attacks Support

     R + Cast When Damage Taken Support
     R * Imortal Call
     G * Temporal Chains

4-link (Bonus)
     R * Shield Charge
     B + Power Charge on Critical Support
     R + Fortify Support
     G + Faster Attacks Support

Single Gems
     B * Hearald of Thunder
     B * Wrath
     G * Blood Rage
     R * Portal
     G * Grace (Vaal)
            Ancient Gutter - Murderous Eye Jewel
            Hollow Fang - Murderous Eye Jewel
            Foul Sight - Murderous Eye Jewel
            Grim Bite - Murderous Eye Jewel
            Hollow Sphere - Murderous Eye Jewel
+ = Supporting Gems
* = Spell Gems

Darkness Enthroned
Shroud of the Lightless
Jewelled Foil

We start gear section with the most important stuff for this build, the jewels.
Get as much flat damage for attacks and with swords as possible and a flat life roll.

For softcore i would go for for four damage stats and skip the life.

Uniques are Tombfist, Darkness Enthroned and Shroud of the Lightless.
1 Jewel Tomfists and Darkness Enthroned are very affordable nowadays, so buy them as soon as possible! Shroud of the Lightless is endgame stuff. Before i got my hands on it i have used a tabula and added Lightning Penetration gem as my 6th link.

Aim for a Foil with at least 1.7 attacks, 6.5 crit and about 250 edps and you are good to go.
Example: Jewelled Foil - Damnation Fang On rest of your stuff try to get life, resistances, crit, crit multi, wed or flat ele damage.
Donít forget to get at least one flat accuracy roll, preferably on helmet slot.

Passive Tree - tree 93 - 93 Point Skill Tree

For leveling i used Cleave and swapped to Lightning Strike at level 12. You can also go for Frostblades, iím pretty sure itís better for leveling because you get tons of penetration over jewels.
Leveling with the character was a breeze, use Darkness enthroned with flat ele jewels and you gonna fly over environment. Ewarís Mirage joins you at level 26 and will carry you to maps. Focus on getting 2 point jewels as fast as possible and put in flat ele stuff.

skill tree is pretty straight forward, just one pro tip for single target:
donít get too close to the monster, because you donít wanna trigger the melee attack from lightning strike and instead make use of Point blank keystone. Try to keep the 6 to 10 yards distance over the fight for highest damage potential.

My Ascendancy Class of choice for this build is Deadeye Ö. Deadeye got insanely buffed in 3.2 and fits in the best for our kind of build.

Gathering Winds is still insane for leveling, and also map clear.
Powerful Precision makes your lightning strike pierce, which greatly increases your clearspeed and buff your crit chance.
Fast and Deadly fixes your accuracy, just use one piece with 300 flat accuracy and done, bye bye lycosidae!
Rupture - You do a small amount of physical damage which inflicts bleeding on enemies you hit. Yeah, and suddenly Rupture is a must have - it provides us with life gain on hit and crit.

Order is Gathering Winds - Powerful Precision - Fast and Deadly and Rupture.

Bandits: help ALIRA