-- Angry Chicken - Witch Doctor --
Torso Arachyr's Carapace
(Spirit of Arachyr Set Piece)
(2) Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 4000% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
(4) Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. After summoning a Toad of Hugeness, you gain 50% damage reduction and heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 15 seconds.
(6) The damage of your creature skills is increased by 17,500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas.
Hands Arachyr's Claws
(Spirit of Arachyr Set Piece)
Shoulders Arachyr's Mantle
(Spirit of Arachyr Set Piece)
Feet Arachyr's Stride
(Spirit of Arachyr Set Piece)
Head Arachyr's Visage
(Spirit of Arachyr Set Piece)
Legs Captain Crimson's Thrust
(Captain Crimson's Trimmings Set Piece)
(2) Regenerates 6000 Life per Second; Reduces cooldown of all skills by 10.0%.
(3) +50 Resistance to All Elements; Reduces all resource costs by 10%.
Waist Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle
(Captain Crimson's Trimmings Set Piece)
Wrists Nemesis Bracers Shrines will spawn an enemy champion.
Weapon Manajuma's Carving Knife
(Manajuma's Way Set Piece)
[Ceremonial Knife]
(2) Your Hex - Angry Chicken explosion damage is increased by 2000% and slain enemies trigger an additional explosion.
Your Hex - Angry Chicken lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%.
While you are an angry chicken, you spawn a chicken every second that seeks enemies and deals 25% of your Angry Chicken explosion damage.
Off-hand Manajuma's Gory Fetch
(Manajuma's Way Set Piece)
Amulet Squirt's Necklace While not taking damage, damage dealt is increased by up to 100% and damage taken is increased by up to 50%.
Ring #1 Avarice Band Each time you pick up gold, increase your Gold and Health Pickup radius by 1 yard for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times. (Emanates)
Ring #2 Rachel's Ring of Larceny Gain 57% increased movement speed for 4 seconds after Fearing an enemy. [45 - 60]%
Kanai's Cube
Weapon In-geom
[1-hand Sword]
Your skill cooldowns are reduced by 10 seconds for 15 seconds after killing an elite pack. [8 - 10]
Armor Gold Wrap
On gold pickup: Gain armor for 5 seconds equal to the amount picked up.
Jewelry Ring of Royal Grandeur
Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2).
Amulet Gem Bane of the Trapped Primary: Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by (15.00+Rank*0.3)%.
Secondary: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%. (Requires Rank 25)
Ring #1 Gem Boon of the Hoarder Primary: (25.0+Rank*1.5)% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold.
Secondary: Gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds after picking up gold. (Requires Rank 25)
Ring #2 Gem Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard Primary: Regenerates (10000+Rank*1000) Life per Second.
Secondary: After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total Life per Second. (Requires Rank 25)
Helm Gem Flawless Royal Diamond Reduces cooldown of all skills by 12.5%.
Weapon Gem Flawless Royal Emerald Critical Hit Damage Increased by 130.0%
Other Offense Flawless Royal Topaz +280 Intelligence
Other Defense Flawless Royal Ruby +280 Strength
Active Skills - Runes
A Skill: Hex
Rune: Angry Chicken
Hex: [Defensive]
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Summon a Fetish Shaman for 12 seconds that will hex groups of enemies into chickens. Hexed enemies are unable to perform offensive actions.
Angry Chicken: Instead of summoning a Shaman, transforms the Witch Doctor into an angry chicken for 2 seconds. In chicken form, the Witch Doctor may not use their regular skills, but moves with +50% movement speed, phases through enemies (and breaks destructible obstacles, excluding Waller affix barriers) and can explode at any moment (or when the effect ends), dealing 1350% damage as Poison to all enemies within 12 yards and knocking them up for a moment. If exploding prematurely, ends the effect. All non-Mouse button skills will be replaced with an explode button.
RT Skill: Piranhas
Rune: Piranhado
Piranhas: [Decay]
Cost: 250 Mana
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Summons a pool of deadly piranhas that deals 400% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. Affected enemies will also take 15% increased damage.
Piranhado: the pool becomes a tornado, decreasing damage and duration to 200% as Poison over 4 seconds and increasing the cooldown to 16 seconds, but pulling enemies within 30 yards to the center every 2 seconds, and keeping enemies within the tornado constantly swirling and unable to act normally. Has no effect on enemies immune to Knockback.
X Skill: Soul Harvest
Rune: Soul to waste
Soul Harvest: [Terror]
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Feed on the life force of enemies within 18 yards. Gain 3% Intelligence for 30 seconds for each affected enemy. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
Soul to waste: also increases the Witch Doctor's movement speed by 5% per stack.
Y Skill: Spirit Walk
Rune: Severance
Spirit Walk: [Defensive]
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Leave your physical body and enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds. While in the spirit realm, your movement is unhindered.
This ability does not start its cooldown until after its effects expire.
Severance: increases the movement speed bonus by additional +100%.
B Skill: Horrify
Rune: Stalker
Horrify: [Defensive]
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Don a spectral mask that horrifies all enemies within 18 yards, causing them to tremor in Fear and be Immobilized for 3 seconds.
Stalker: also increases Witch Doctor's movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds.
RB Skill: Summon Zombie Dogs
Rune: Life Link
Summon Zombie Dogs: [Defensive]
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Summon 3 Zombie Dogs from the depths to fight by your side. Each dog deals 120% of your weapon damage as Physical per hit.
Life Link: 10% of all damage taken by the Witch Doctor is split evenly among Zombie Dogs instead. If no Zombie Dogs remain, has no effect.
Passive Skills
I Gruesome Feast When you are healed by a health globe, gain 10% of your maximum Mana and 10% Intelligence for 15 seconds. The Intelligence bonus stacks up to 5 times.
II Fierce Loyalty While you have a Gargantuan, Zombie Dog, or Fetish summoned, your movement speed is increased by 15%.
This bonus is increased to 30% while a Gargantuan, Zombie Dog, or Fetish is not in combat.
Additionally, you may have 1 additional Zombie Dog summoned at one time.
III Tribal Rites Reduce the cooldowns of the following skills by 25%:
Fetish Army
Summon Zombie Dogs
Big Bad Voodoo
Mass Confusion
IV Grave Injustice Gain 1% of your maximum Life and Mana and reduce the cooldown of all of your skills by 1 second when an enemy dies within 20 yards.
The range is extended by items that increase your gold pickup radius.